Letters of Thanks and Recognition

thank you letter


"I wanted to live up to my father's dreams and continue a family tradition. This is why today I am a proud member of the United States Marine Corps. I want to give you my deepest thanks. This year was more challenging with moving and traveling. Funds were not available to provide a nice Christmas for my son. It is thanks to you that we able to do a little something for him."

LCpl, Ordinance Maintenance Company

"Our family is grateful for the gifts you have afforded us without even knowing us or our character. We are blessed to have people in the world such as yourselves who give freely with an open heart. Thank you."

thank you letter


"It is with sincere appreciation that I thank you for your donation of toys to our unit's families. Thanks to your generosity, our children will have a brighter Christmas even in the shadows of our current deployment. Your big heart and extreme patriotism helps us to do our job. Semper Fidelis."

S.M. Beck, Major, Acting, USMC, December 2009

"I can't express enough thanks for the continued support your family has provided to so many of our families. To see the reaction from the recipients is amazing. They are so overwhelmed by your generosity. You have touched the lives of many of our families and we truly appreciate your kindness. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Bless you and your family."

Family Readiness Officer, 1st Medical Battalion, December 2010

"Thank you so very much for the Christmas gifts to my sons. Those gifts meant the world to them. It's heart-warming to know your family gave so much for the families of our service members. The only thing I can offer in return is my family's sincere gratitude and appreciation for the gifts. May God bless you all in 2011."

"Your thoughtful act this Christmas is a single candle that will continue to spread light to our children. We serve the country and we are honored to do so. Serving the Lord is even more honorable, though, and you have done just that. May God bless you & yours this Christmas!"

"We truly thank your family for your generosity & support during this holiday season. In a time when we began to believe Americans no longer supported her troops, you proved us wrong. Thank you."

Thank you letter