Letters of Thanks and Recognition

"Thank you for my son's Christmas present. We are greatly appreciative of what you have done for him. My husband and I will not be here next Christmas because we are both deploying, so we wanted to make this one special for him, and you just help in doing so. So from the family we just wanted to say thank you and have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. God bless you."

"I am a single father of two girls, four and five years old. I joined the Marine Corps in 2008 to help better my daughters' lives. Thank you for your generosity and kindness and for offering us a better Christmas."

LCpl, U.S. Marine Corps

Thank you letter


"...thank you cannot express how wonderful it was to see the smiles on so many Marine faces as they were given gifts for their children! Many of the Marines who received these gifts had just returned from a 7-month deployment in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Their spouses and children carry a heavy burden and it was true joy being able to share your abundant generosity...we are humbled and grateful for your enduring commitment to the men and women who serve our nation!"

Family Readiness Officer, Combat Logistics Battalion 5